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Just a few testimonials from the range of services offered.


Back in the Saddle Pilates:

"The improvement is because the exercises I’m doing with you are enabling me to stay balanced enough to trot downhill..even when quite steep and uneven. So….all brilliant…and I’m chuffed to bits"


" I have been struggling for so long and the improvements you have helped me with are unbelievable. I never thought my body would feel like this again its great!


Thank - you for all your hard work its so nice knowing there is someone to help and you always go the extra mile to deliver such excellent service"

Sports Massage

"I'm not going to lie it hurts a little bit but you are always so conscientious at making sure you adjust the treatment to suit what I want. I really enjoy the treatment and feel unbelievable afterwards and I know I can go head first and tackle anything after I have seen you!"

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